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I am always amazed at the number of kind, clever, and amazing people who take the time to blog. I learn so much from many of the bloggers I read! So, here’s a completely random list of my favorites and why I read them.

Friends’ Blogs

Reactive Champion: we met Crystal and Maisy at APDT Rally trials, where they consistently kick our butts. 🙂 Crystal does an excellent job of training Maisy in precise behaviors and has a lot more attention to detail than I do. Maisy is a reactive dog, although it’s hard to tell at trials as she usually looks relaxed and happy when I see her. They use the Control Unleashed program and are a great team to watch!

Sport Dog Blog: I met Emily through the MN Disc Dog Club, where she rocks out with her Aussie Frankie. She then took her other Aussie, Kirby, through my beginning obedience class. Em is just entering the world of positive dog training and clicker training, but she already has a lot of the marks of a great trainer: wonderful timing, attention to detail, and the ability to soak up knowledge. She also has an adorable older Yellow Lab who I may have to steal some day when her back is turned as well as a shy Corgi mix. I’m excited to see what Em and her dogs can accomplish, they’re a team to watch!

Ora the Pit Bull: Larry’s another person I met through the MNDDC, and he also fosters for Rottweiler and Pit Bull rescue. I usually lust after all this dogs from a distance. His Pittie Ora has a pretty incredible story that I would encourage you to check out, she’s really something! Someday I will have a Pit Bull, but it’s just not the right time yet. That doesn’t mean I can’t dream though!

Pit Bull United: I met Roo and Clara when I worked with Clara at a local rescue. They adopted a high-drive adolescent Pit Bull who was going kennel crazy in the shelter environment, and that dog went on to become one of the best disc dogs in the country. Hector, one of Michael Vick’s former fighting dogs, joined the pack several years later (and Layla loooooves him….)

Rescue Blogs

BAD RAP: This is a Pit Bull rescue in CA who does fabulous work for the breed. Seriously, they’re amazing! I love hearing the stories about the dogs they save, and cry with them about the ones they can’t. They are one of the few rescues who regularly take on Compassion Cases, which is by far one of the hardest things to do in rescue. A Compassion Case is a dog who is not adoptable, either because they have been too damaged by abuse or neglect or because they have severe medical problems (such as advanced cancer or a badly healed broken bone which cannot be fixed and causes severe pain). Rather than allowing this dog to die in the cold, sterile environment of the shelter, these brave people take the dog into their home for a length of time and do everything they can to make the dog’s final days peaceful and happy before holding the dog in their arms as they are euthanized. Heartbreaking, emotionally devastating, and so important to that special dog.

It’s a Rott N’ Pittie: A Rotta Love is our “local” Rottweiler and Pit Bull rescue (well, they’re about 1-1/2 to 2 hours drive from me, but they’re at least in my own state). I had my doubts about these guys at first as it seemed they only took in puppies, but recently they’ve begun to bring stellar adult dogs into their program as well as helping with some of the dogs from the large fight bust this summer. The more I learn about these guys, the more I like.

My Life as a Dog Foster Mom: this lady is incredible! Having fostered myself, I know just how much of a committment even one foster dog can be. And she goes way above and beyond that. Her blog is a great resource for those who are considering fostering a dog or cat and has lots of adorable pictures to boot.

YesBiscuit: There are a few blogs I read regularly even though I may not agree with the blogger’s opinion, and this is one of them. I do support the no-kill philosophy, but disagree with many of the extreme opinions of those who claim to support it as well. I do think pet overpopulation is a problem. I think that shelters have a responsibility to the public not to place animals with severe anxiety or aggression problems who could be a danger. And I also have a pretty different training and feeding philosophy than her. However, I think if one only reads information that supports your own belief system, you can start to get out of touch with the big picture. Reading this blog keeps me in touch.


A Puppy & a Plan: Laura is training her high-drive Doberman, Laev, for obedience and schutzhund competition. I originally started following this team because Laev reminds me so very much of Layla. Prey drive through the roof? Got it! I don’t always agree with everything Laura does, but I am always pleased to hear of Laev’s progress. I also find Laura’s willingness to post about failures both instructive and encouraging.

The Other End of the Leash: Patricia McConnell is one of the authors who shaped my learning curve when I was first starting to get into dog training. At the time I was reading everything I could get my hands on (oh wait, I still am). I’ve also been privileged enough to hear her speak on several occasions, which is always a real treat. Trish is one of the leaders in using an empathetic approach to our relationships with dogs, and her posts are always fascinating and thought-provoking.

Notes From the Road: Ron Watson is one of the go-to guys for Disc dog training. I first met him on Leslie McDevitt’s CU yahoo group before it was shut down, but was reintroduced when I began playing with discs with Layla. I’m still in the beginner puppy stages of learning about this sport, so his blog has been helpful on a few different occasions. It’s definately a case for us of “awesome dog, shame about the handler” at this point since I still struggle to even throw a disc straight!

Susan Garrett’s Dog Agility: Susan has brought a number of wonderful training gems to the sport. I don’t know where I’d be without her Crate Games, and look forward to seeing how her 2×2 Weave program works for my weave-phobic dog. She is a very positive, motivating, high-drive person and her posts are often inspirational or funny. There was an error when I tried to look at her blog just now, so I hope it’s just a temporary computer glitch and nothing more serious!

Other Random Blogs (okay, so this where it gets a bit weird. Sorry!)

Three Woofs and a Woo: Food Lady is a hilarious writer who takes wonderful photos. AND she supports rescue. What could be better? Also check out her newest addition Dexter’s photo blog, 365 Days of Puppy in Pictures.

Terrierman’s Daily Dose: Terrierman is always interesting, whether or not I agree with him. What especially interests me is that I always have definate opinions about his posts: either he’s right on, or dead wrong. I especially agree with him about the kennel clubs (and AKC is the worst offender), and in fact was going to do a post about the irony of an advertisement I got from the AKC but decided it might be too controversial (after all, I wouldn’t want to upset the 3 people who actually read this on occasion, LOL). I also love reading about his digs with his dogs. Dogs doing what they were bred to do, what a thought!

Vick Dog Blog: This is one of the best ways I know to put a smile on my face when I need it. Even though I don’t currently ‘own’ a Pit Bull, I do consider them one of “my” breeds and am very concerned about the fate of the breed today. Between bad breeders, dog fighters, people looking to a make a buck, and the portrayal of the breed by the media as a killing machine, the Pit Bull is threatened on almost every front. The dogs taken from this fight bust were the first to be evaluated as individuals rather than to be summarily euthanized as ‘unadoptable’ and the results were amazing.

Cake Wrecks: Okay, so this isn’t even a dog blog. Bad Sara!



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2 responses to “Blog Roll

  1. Aww, thank you so much for the compliment, Sara! It means a lot to me, especially coming from you. I really admire what you’ve done with Layla, and often wish I could be half the trainer you are!

    It’s interesting that you say I train with a lot of attention to detail- I do, but I didn’t realize that was something you could tell!

  2. Absolutely, I can tell! The attention to detail thing is something I’m really bad at. It’s easy to tell just from watching Maisy work for you that she knows EXACTLY what her job is and where to put her body. You’re black and white, and it’s easy for her to figure out what your criteria are. I loved the video you posted recently with Maisy working on her fronts. I wish I could say it inspired me to work on Layla’s VERY crooked fronts (if she winds up sitting in position, it’s pure luck). Unfortunately I’ve been a pretty lazy trainer the last few weeks. I really need to download the front array from the levels book and get to work!

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