Hind End Awareness

Here’s a little video of our training session earlier this week. Sorry about the poor video quality… at least I had the camera pointing in the right direction this time!

Layla and I had some clicker fun with a slippery box. Layla tends to get too aroused when I attempt to do any sort of shaping, but this session actually wasn’t too bad. Her eyes are big and she’s still a bit frantic in her movement, but she was taking treats much more softly than normal. She also calmed down towards the end of the session, which was a pleasant change: usually the longer we go, the more she ramps up. She’s still too high, but it’s getting better! I’ve been doing a lot of these little games lately with her… short little training sessions doing nothing in particular. Usually I try to work more on a concept (hind end awareness, targeting, offering behaviors without getting too high) rather than concentrating on a specific behavior. In this case, I planned to completely  shape the end behavior (backing onto the box with her back legs up and her front legs on the ground), but decided to help her with a known cue once in the middle of the session (“touch,” which is the agility cue for the two-on/two-off contact behavior). I think helping her by cueing her to touch once kept her from getting too frustrated and lowered her arousal level.


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  1. What a neat video. She really is pretty frantic about shaping, which is so different than Maisy, who tends to be quite hesitant about everything. I love how different dogs can be from one another. I can’t imagine training Layla, but you’ve done such an amazing job with her!

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