I Believe

As a professional dog behavior consultant, I often talk to people who are struggling and frustrated. They often share facts with me that make me cringe, whether it be details about the e-collar they’ve been using to shock their fearful dog every time he growls or the fact that they’ve been rubbing their anxious dog’s nose in his urine each time he marks while yelling “no” at him.

In addition to dog training, I also work closely with rescue. Dogs come into rescue who have been starved, beaten, or left on a chain. People surrender dogs for reasons that seem ridiculous to me, only to turn around and get a new puppy. Some people view their dogs as disposable.

Regardless of the details a person shares with me, I try not to judge. This is easier to say than to do some days. The 7 sentences below hang above my workspace to remind me of my principles.

I believe that there is more positive than negative in the world.

I believe that the majority of people are good and kind.

I believe that abuse, neglect, and negativity are born of fear or lack of education.

I believe that I have no right to judge others, as I don’t know what battles they may be facing.

I believe that I can help more by listening than by talking.

I believe that I can make a difference in the world, one good deed at a time.

I believe that positive energy will return to me threefold.



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2 responses to “I Believe

  1. Elizabeth

    I don’t just believe, I know you make a difference in the world.

  2. Thank-you for sharing these.

    I teach dog safety classes in schools, and coordinate 60 volunteers in my state to do the same. It sometimes seems impossible. I am a bit advocate of teaching children to be respectful and sensible around dogs, without eliciting fear – sometimes a fine line! A child, in one of our program evaluations, said this wonderful statement: “He needs to know that if he run away from the dog, the dog will chase you, and the dog will think, “you’re playing with me”.” Though not entirely accurate, I’ve hung this quote on my wall. If one child can learn not to run away from dogs in a positive way, surely there are more!

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